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Essential advices before starting a diet

Despite all the information they believe to know in the field of systems, millions of people struggling to lose weight when they are overweight.

Most people have not yet built to perform as effective, we must first eat healthy through good eating habits which must then be kept throughout his life.

For good nutrition, meals must be variéset the proportions of balanced food.

Over 70% of people starting a diet to lose weight successfully for a few months or a longer time. But over 90% repeat the lost weight after a few months or years, sometimes even earlier, and some extra pounds.

Vary the food, make real meals, without skipping, and practice regular physical activity will help give you real assets to lose weight and especially not the weight off.

Do not believe in fad diets, they do not exist

Do not believe in miracles and not be swayed by arguments formidable and effective marketing, such as “lose weight in 8 days without any effort” or “lose 10 pounds in a month and never repeat them.”

There is no miracle diet and increase bad regimes can lead to gain more weight and become obese.

Learning good eating habits: a serious diet now defines itself as a permanent change in eating behavior.

  •     Eating well is a prerequisite for starting a good diet, so we must develop a balanced diet and follow the fundamentals of nutrition.
  •     Eating well means being able to eat most foods.
  •     Not the weight off requires permanently change their eating habits:

Those with hypertension, diabetics, allergy sufferers and asthmatics, for example, chronic illness are often treated for years or for some of them throughout life. Similarly, start a diet come first base by acquiring new diet that will maintain throughout his life to avoid resume pounds and then lose it again to get into the vicious cycle of yo-yo diets.

Changing unhealthy eating habits must be final.

Learn patience, accept a less dramatic weight loss and do not consider losing over 1 kilo per week
Weight loss should not exceed 1 kg per week, 4-5 pounds per month. Lose more may cause a more rapid recovery of weight, sometimes even more important that before starting the diet.
Weight loss from 500 g to 1 kg per week is still a reasonable goal recommended by the vast majority of physicians.

Never forget that weight loss is a primary objective but also that the most important in a diet is to be stabilized so as not to resume pounds.

Do not demonize or idealize a food

Foods that make you lose weight magic does not exist.
Too much food is strictly prohibited are dangerous causing envy, guilt and frustration. A person can eventually crack and fall on the food it consumed more and she could eat in an even more important that before starting his regime.
A regime based on the cabbage soup three times a day is a totally absurd example.
On the other hand, not to consume certain foods can sometimes cause nutritional deficiencies.
Take the advice of his doctor
Tell their doctor about his desire to lose weight and the plan chosen.
Indeed, this one will ensure you avoid certain mistakes and help you carry out this plan.
It will also consider the possible need to consult a nutritionist.
Develop a framework of food and eating a varied
A serious plan must provide for a more varied diet of all possible or food groups are represented.
Able to eat
The practice of a plan must not let its hunger during the day or end a meal.
Being satisfied means that although the caloric needs of the meals were well covered.
Take time and eat slowly
Take time to eat slowly and without stress.

  •     Eating more slowly can discover or rediscover the foods with more pleasure and swallow as much less quantity while having satisfied the agency.
  •     Time of mastication plays an important role in digestion

The feeling of fullness reaches the brain within 15 to 20 minutes.
Eating too quickly does not allow the time necessary for the stomach to be fed and taken to eat more before it is.

Buds transmit messages to the brain which then sends to the stomach and intestine.

When you eat too quickly, chewing too fast, the signals are not Transmits to the brain. So bad that it affects the digestive system, thereby altering the smooth digestion.

  •     Trying to eat the foods one at a time can enjoy them quietly.
  •     The pleasure is more intense when eating slowly.
  •     Take 10 minutes at each meal.

Eat by doing this

  •     It is essential to be able to eat without doing anything else to concentrate on his meal and allow for better digestion and preventing want to eat more.
  •     Do not eat while watching TV for example.

Rediscover the pleasure of eating food that you no longer have the habit of eating and help you plan for.
Many people are surprised to discover or rediscover the taste, for example, green beans, fennel, broccoli, zucchini or spinach.

Take a real breakfast

  •     A real breakfast should provide at least 20% of calories for the day, which is sadly not the case for most people.
  •     Spend time with his breakfast, rising 10 minutes earlier.
  •     Food can be consumed during the breakfast and to limit the dimple of the late morning: milk or milk products, yogurt or cottage cheese, fruit juice or fruit, a slice of ham, coffee, tea or chocolate, bread or cereals, butter or margarine.
  •     A balanced breakfast provides less hungry during the day

With the practitioner determine the number of calories should be consumed every day.
During the consultation, the doctor will determine the number of calories needed daily to the smooth running of the system

Limit alcoholic beverages and sugary

  •     Limit alcoholic beverages and sugary that bring a lot of calories.
  •     A glass of wine during the meal is not completely contrindiqué. Remember, it is essential not to overdo without and continue to have fun.
  •     Tea could reduce stress and improve alertness; Moreover, tea is an excellent antioxidant because of its high content of flavonoids.

Eat less salt

Salt increased the feeling of hunger.

  •     Reduced consumption of salt causes less cardiovascular: The daily salt is 1 to 2 g while the average French consumes 8 to 10 grams. But the salt is present in 70% of the daily diet.
  •     80% of salt consumed is hidden in bread, meats, soups, cheeses and prepared foods. Indeed, salt increases the amount of water present in foods with the consequence of increasing their weight.
  •     A decrease of 25-35% of salt intake reduces the risk of cardiovascular 25 to 30% in subjects with hypertension (study in July 2007 British Medical Journal) also with a decrease in blood pressure.
  •     Most international experts recommend lowering the 30% reduction in our daily intake of salt.
  •     The labeling of the amount of salt in the food consumed is a measure which should be systematic.

Make a choice in foods

– Eat more fish, at least 2 to 3 times a week.
– Vegetables and vegetables are recommended for each meal.
– Replace meat or fish with Eggs or cheese to a meal.
– Decrease the number of certain foods like chocolate, cakes, peanuts …

Make sure to follow this advice and if you do so, you will be on your way to a healthy slim body!

How to Increase Muscle Mass? – Five Tips For Skinny Men

Knowing how to gain muscle mass may seem difficult at first, especially if you’re a naturally thin person and struggle to gain weight (people are known as an ectomorph or difficulty gaining weight, in terms bodybuilders).

Maybe you’ve tried a weight training program in the past with less than satisfactory results or you’ve decided you’ve had enough and want to pack a few pounds of rock-hard muscles in your skeleton. Whatever your situation, I’ll show the top five tips for men on how to increase lean muscle mass and gain a body that will turn the eyes and will be so jealous all those guys in the gym will be asking you to IT tips training.

Now some of these tips would be against most of what you have said or read in magazines about how to increase muscle mass, but do not worry, they are designed for thin ectomorph struggling to build muscle. Most of the workouts in the magazines are not designed for guys like us, so we often result in frustration or failure.

  1. Eat more.

When considering how to increase muscle mass, many people deny the importance of diet and calorie intake. For this reason, I have this advice to gain muscle mass as number one. For the classically thin or ectomorph type, it is often the biggest mistake we make when trying to figure out how to increase muscle mass. It’s really simple … If you do not feed your muscles cannot grow. To increase muscle mass, average calorie intake should be about 3,000 calories or more, divided between 5 to 6 meals per day, with a focus on proteins and carbohydrates. This will maintain a consistent supply of food and nutrients. For a man to increase his muscle mass, your protein intake should be about 1-1.2 grams of protein per pound of body weight each day.

2. Sleep well.

Sufficient rest and recovery are frequently ignored and neglected when considering how to increase muscle mass. Often, we feel that the action is more important than inaction, and so we tend to see a proper rest as a waste of time. Big mistake! A good night’s rest is essential for optimal muscle growth because natural growth hormones are increased from 30 to 45 minutes after falling asleep, so eight hours of rest a day is ideal.

Too much sleep is also a no. Why? Well, when you sleep, you can not eat and when you eat, your body will start to see your muscles as a rich source of energy and, instead, begin to destroy all your hard work.

3. The whole body exercises are exercises better than isolated parts.

While many magazines focus on exercises for individual parts (for example, only work your biceps and your quadriceps), they are not the best approach for a skinny guy who is thinking about how to increase muscle mass. You’ll be much better, starting with the “big basic” exercises of squats, bench press, dead weights, biceps curl, barbell row, woodchoppers, etc.

Keep fewer repetitions of heavyweights, always trying to outdo what you did last time. This will help you build muscle and build a more balanced body. The isolation exercises can come later when you reach a good size and want to take things to the next level. Three good intense workouts per day are much better than five or six trips to the gym half good.

4. Limit your cardio work.

The cardio work is important to stay fit and lose fat, but if we are focusing on how to increase muscle mass, should be limited. It is difficult to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. So you should focus first on increasing muscle mass and then when you reach the right size, to change your training to begin to remove fat and lose those extra kilos, which will give you a well-defined look.

5. Drink plenty of water.

Staying hydrated is essential to your overall health, but especially to increase muscle mass. Hydrated muscles repair themselves and thus faster growth and increased muscle mass are faster. Also, due to increasing your protein intake, your kidneys need more water to flush toxins that naturally occur when proteins are broken.

The key here is to be organized and focus on increasing muscle mass with a plan of action that you know what to eat. when eating, how to train and what your training plan in the coming months.