BioEnergiser ™ Electro Flex Is An Amazing Circulation Booster

The BioEnergiser Electro-Flex is a medical device that solves the problems of blood circulation in the comfort of your home. The Electro-Flex uses electrical stimulation to increase blood fluidity and effectively reduce varicose veins and heavy legs. This product is ideal for people who are overweight, tired, stressed or diabetic.

  •     Reduces joint pain
  •     Reduces fatigue and blood circulation problems
  •     Approved by the FDA
  •     4 electro-stimulators for use on the rest of the body
  •     2 years warranty

What is the BioEnergiser Electro-Flex?

The Electro-Flex is a DIY blood booster. It improves the general well-being, reduces pain, and thins the blood by using foot reflexology, a therapy based on the stimulation of reflex points of the feet. It designs the foot like a miniature reproduction of the body, where each reflex point corresponds to an organ. By making pressure on its areas, the Electro-Flex restores balance to the body.

How do I know if Electro-Flex for me?

The Electro-Flex helps relieve the following problems: heavy legs, poor circulation, water retention, varicose veins, fatigue, stress, sleep disorders, arthritis, joint pain, fibromyalgia or stress, circulation problems associated with diabetes, neuralgia, trigger points, myofascial syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, venous thrombosis, phlebitis.

If you are concerned about any of these health problems, then the Electro-Flex is for you. You can share it with your family as it is for users of all ages. We recommend to young children and adolescents to use the lowest intensity of the program during the first use to assess their tolerance.

How the Electro-Flex works?

The Electro-Flex uses TENS technology (Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation of nerves), which improves blood circulation. This increases oxygenation and nutrition of body cells. Electrical stimulation is an effective and recognized method used by health professionals to treat problems of the venous system.

The Electro-Flex releases a harmless stream of low-frequency electrical waves that stimulates pressure points located on the soles of the feet, the reflex zones, nerves, acupoints, muscles and capillaries of the body. This increases the relaxation of the body, blood fluidity, and the natural healing powers of the body. The Electro-Flex also has a foot massage function and electrodes that can be used on the back, arms, legs and belly.

How to use the Electro-Flex?

Choose the program you want to use one of the 10 that the Electro-Flex offers, each providing a different massage intensity, then place your feet on the device and put it on. You feel so small tingling in the toes, like ants in the legs. This sometimes extends to the calf with the intensity chosen. A session lasts 25 minutes, and the countdown is on a countdown timer on the control screen of the device. At the end of 25 minutes, the unit shuts off automatically.

After how long will I see results?

The results are visible after the first session since the Electro-Flex acts directly on the circulation and relaxes the body. After 25 minute sessions, you come out relaxed, stripped of your usual pain.

Are there any cons?

The use of this device is recommended that the following situations: if you are pregnant, if you have heart problems, if you have a pacemaker, if you have epilepsy, if you have sclerosis, if you have varies extreme during your period, areas of swollen, infected or inflamed, the front of the neck, mouth and chest. The Electro-Flex should, however, people with diabetes.

The Electro-Flex comes with:

  •     10 programs and two channels for different types of muscles
  •     A massage function
  •     4 electrodes
  •     DC electrical outlet
  •     Manual